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Designers agree, modern custom kitchen cabinet designs are imperative when it comes to upgrading your living space. Not only does modern cabinetry create a fresh ambiance but it reflects your personal style and panache. Whether you envision contemporary drama or immaculate elegance, your dream kitchen can be realized. Moreover, personalizing the design with details that mirror your style and taste will create the ideal ambiance.

Characterizing Modern

The term for “modern” has many variables and has a unique definition to different people

. But for modern cabinetry, the definition is generally a look that is renewed, angular and sleek. And depending on

the era, modern cabinets can vary in style. For instance, European inspired contemporary kitchen cabinets can be personalized to match any lifestyle. However, they have a distinct cottage like feel unique to the region such as French provincial or Tuscany.

Latest Contemporary Styles

The latest modern custom kitchen cabinet designs are a combination of contemporary and functional. The style is all about clean and smooth lines plus offering an open space. The kitchen is sparsely decorated but is enhanced with bold embellishments like carved wood corbels and wood inlays. Also popular are flat, smooth surfaces like granite or onyx countertop.

Colors are typically dominated by more natural tones with an occasional bold accent. Today’s cabinetry focuses on simplicity. The main objective is to create a spacious and airy feeling. For the most part, cabinet designs focus on functionality rather than adornment. Lifestyle is also a key factor. According to designers, people want low maintenance and high efficiency.

As of late, modern custom kitchen cabinet designs reflect the trendy midcentury contemporary look. Many furniture pieces feature bold curves and angles. Generally, the cabinets are constructed of wood or the pairing of different materials such as glass and metal or laminate and wood.

Low accent lighting is also popular such as subtle lights underneath cabinets or farmhouse style like hanging light pendants over a kitchen island. Lighting inside the cabinets is also popular; they create a nice ambiance for a well-lit kitchen. And with motioned censored lights underneath the cabinets, night lights are no longer needed. Contacting an electrician therefore, could be a good idea for proper installation of these modern fixtures. If you from the U.S. (and especially Georgia), you could check out websites like for finding expert electricians who could provide quality lighting services.

When it comes to the trendiest styles, stick to a simple and streamline look. The shape and form of your cabinets should feature smooth slab doors that veer away from extreme details. Raised panels, crown molding and decorative carvings are out; but sleek and flat surfaces are definitely in.

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